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> ENT Surgery F.B. Removal Ear/ Nose L.A F.B Removal Ear / Nose G.A Drainage of Abscess- Peritonstillar Removal of Stone From Wharton's Duct Electric Cautery Nose in Epistaxis L.A. Post Nasal Packing with catheter Ear Lobule Repair - Single LA Ear Lobule Repair Both Direct Laryngosocpy Diagnostic LA Direct Laryngosocpy Diagnostic GA Drainage of Abscess Mastoid LA Retropharyngeal GA Cervical Gland Biopsy Cyst Removal GA Myringotomy Exam Under Magnification LA Grommet Insertion Antrum Puncture Antrum Puncture GA Tracheostomy (L.A) Tracheostomy (G.A) Oesophagosocpy F.B. Removal air/food passage LA Intra Nasal Polypectomy Intra Turbinectomy with cautery Tonsillectomy SMR/Septoplasy Caldwell-Lucas op Intra Nasal Etamoid Nasal Bone Fracture Reduction Submandibular Gland Excision Myringoplasty LA Myringoplasty GA Micro laryngeal Surgery GA Rhinoplasty Parotid Gland Excision Lat. Rhinotomy Tronto Gatnamoid Ectomy Tympanoplasty LA Tympanoplasty GA Mastoidectomy Stapedectomy (L.A) Stapedectomy (G.A) Thyroid Gland Surgery Maxillectomy Laryngectomy Total Laryngectomy Subtotal With Block Dissection Commando Operation Commando Operation with Flap Angiofibroma Nasal Packing for Epistaxis Anterior Posterior Antrum Puncture Unilateral Antrum Puncture Bilateral Chemical Cautery with gel foam packing Pure Tone Audiometer Endoscope OCR L.A Endoscope OCR G.A FESS Unilateral FESS Bilateral Adenoidectomy Aden tonsillectomy MRM (G.A)

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