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> General Surgery Sigmoidoscopy (Flexible) Sigmoidoscopy (Rigid) Gastroscopy Colonoscopy Upper G.I. Endoscopy Gastric and Duodenal biopsy (Endosocopy) Pyleromyotomy Sclerotherapy Foreign Body Removal Oesophageal dilatation E R C P Diagnostic Therapeutic E R C P Diagnostic Laparoscopy Lap. Appendicectomy Appendicectomy (open) Lap. Cholecystectomy Cholecystectomy R.P. Ureterolithotomy Lumbar sympathectomy Colostomy Jnguinal Hernia Repair Ventral Hernia Repair Large Incision Hernia Repair Nissan Fundoplication (operation for Hiatus Hernia) Incision Hernia Small Hiatus Hernia Hernioplasty for long Hernia (lap) Umbilical & Para umbilical hernia Herniography for Ing. Hernia Minimal Invasive Hemirrdectomy (Stapler ) Radical neck dissection with mandiblectomy Abdominal- perinea surgery CBD Exploration (open) Radial Thyroidectomy Explorative Laparoscopy only open Gastroectomy Gastro-jejunostomy with vagotomy Intestinal Resection & Anastomosis Hemicolectomy MR. Mastectomy Cervical Sympathectomy Pyloroplasty with Vagotomy Splenectomy Subtotal Thyroidectomy Colostomy Closure Rectopexy Parotidectomy Piles Piles (IRC) Piles (Band Legation) Piles (Cryo) Excision of Fistula in Ano (Low) Lumpectomy Pilonidal Sinus Suturing (G.A.) Suturing (L.A.) SMALL CYSTS (G.A.) SMALL CYST (L.A) Anal Abscess (G.A.) Anal Abscess (L.A.) Anal Stretching (Lords Stretching) Incision & Drainage (G.A.) Incision & Drainage (L.A.) Biopsy (G.A.) Biopsy (L.A.) Catheterization (With Satellite) Chest Drainage (1 C T D) Circumcision (G.A) Circumcision (L.A) Meatotomy (G.A) Testicular (one side) L.A. Biopsy Vasectomy (L.A)

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