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Acetabular Reconstruction, Pelvic Ring/ Pelvic Fixation, Hemi Pelvectomy/ Hind Quarter Fore Quarter, Posterior Spinal Instrumentation, (Multiple Spinal Segmentation), Spinal Fusion, Spinal Stenosis, Anterolateral Decompression, Posterior Spinal Instrumentation, Amputation : Hip Disarticulation, Amputation : Shoulder Disarticulation, Recurrent Dislocation of Shoulder, ORIF Femur Shaft Femur, ORIF Tibia Interlocking Nail, Intertrochanteric Osteotomy, Amputation Above Knee, Knee Disarticulation, Ilizarov Technique, ORIF Humerus, ORIF Humerus Intercondylar (Intra-articular), ORIF Humerus Neck Humerus, DHS/DCS, ORIF Femur Broad DCP, ORIF Tibia Condylar (Intra-articular) Moors/ Bipolar Prosthesis, Arthroscopic Menisectomy And Synectomy, B/L Core Decompression, Giant Cell Tumors Excision, Pelvic Osteotomy, Anterolateral Decompression for Pot's Spine, with bone grafting, Open Reduction & Posteriors Instrumentation with posterior Spinal Fusion, Excision Arthroplasty Elbow, Hip & Knee Contracture, Supracondylar Osteotomy, Phemister Bone Grafting, Nerve Repair Other than digital, Digital Nerve Repair, Knee Arthrodesis, Girdlestone Excision of Hip, Fracture Neck Femur (cannulated & Cancellous), ORIF Forearm Both Bones, Patellar Fracture Reduction, Mcmurray Osteotomy & Spic, External Fixator Application, De-Rotation Varrus Osteotomy, Congenital Dislocation Hip-Op, Club Foot Soft Tissue Release Grum, Triple Arthrodesis, Tendon Transfer, Scarlatti Muscles Slice, Release of Hip & knee Contra, Quadricepsplasty, ORIF Tibia Bia/Triamallelor, High Tibial Osteotomy, Capsulectomy Elbow For Stiff Loose Body Removal, Chondroplasty, Ant. Cervical Decompression with Interbody fix, Anterior Plate Fixtation, French Osteromy, ORIF Tibia Plating, Young Fasciotomy (B/L), Amputation Below Knee, Ankle Arthrodesis, Amputation: Symes, Calcaneal Displacement Osteotomy, Anterior Transposition of Ulna nerve, Synectomy of Knee, C.P Hamstring Release, C.P Psoas Recessions, Patellectomy, Wedge Tarsectomy, Amputation Upper Limb, Exploration & Biopsy of Hip, Lumbar Disectomy in Single Level, Steindler's Release, Hallux Valgus, Carpel Tunnel Syndromes, C.P. Adductor Tenotomy, Dwyer's Ostetomy, Enders Nailing for Femur / Tibia, Saucrization Operation, Young Fasciotomy (U/L), Close Reduction of Fracture with K wire & screw, Sequestromy, T.A. Lengthening, Arthroscopic Join & Dbridment, ORIF Forearm Single Bone, Cervical Spine Disectomy, Diagnostic Arthroscopy, Implant Removal Major, Skin Grafting of Wounds Minor, Skin Grafting of Wounds Major, Trephine Biopsy ( Spine/Hip/Tumors), Core Decompression U/L , Close Reduction of Fracture Femur & Hip Spica, Drainage of Acute Osteomyletius, Dequervans, Closed Reduction Of Fracture L.L, Closed Reduction Of Fracture U.L, Application Of Hip Spica or Shoulder Spica, Amputation of Multiple Digits of Hands & Foot, Arthroscopic Lavage & Synovial Biopsy G.A, Implant Removal Minor and Single Digit Amputation of Hand

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